Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unexpected question

I went to the clinic today because the cold that my niece/almost goddaughter shared with me has developed into something more exciting (and I'm preaching on Sunday), and in addition to the usual "you'll be fine," the doctor asked me whether I'd dewormed lately. 

Well, no, I haven't. So amongst the other goodies I brought home, there's a deworming pill. Just one will do it, I suppose. I know that worms happen here, and it's not a big deal (unless it becomes a big deal), but it's just a reality that I've not yet encountered first-hand. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Working on a building

Progress marches on... This is the beginnings of a new, and desperately needed, lecture block. In the background is the Honours College, where I live (though my flat it'd visible from here). 

I'm thrilled that we're getting the infrastructure we need, though I'm sorry that the old Kids Care Center was razed. The Center is now at the other end of campus, so I can no longer hear the children playing. 

Being quoted

I just learned that one of the students quoted my MDiv dissertation in his dissertation. I find this simultaneously honoring, humbling, and horrifying! 

Another student told me that he had read my dissertation (for his field work report, I had told him that he writes the way he talks (which most of us do), and he came back after reading it and told me the same), but to be quoted is a bit extreme. I'm going to have to look at his to see what he took!

Friday, April 11, 2014

"Have any bombs?"

Today I decided to check out the snazzy new-ish mall in Kampala, called The Village.  It's absolutely huge, and has one of Kampala's three KFCs (Yes.  For real.  And no, I didn't go in.).

I've noticed that since the World Cup bombing in 2010, most large venues (like shopping centers, and sometimes churches) will search your car and/or your person upon entry.  When approach supermarkets, I open my purse out of habit, because the guards may want to look.  Sometimes they don't, because white women generally don't profile as bombers, but one never knows.

So, when I drove into this snazzy new-ish mall, naturally, there was a gate with a plethora of guards.  I rolled down the windows and unlocked the doors in advance of their search, and greeted them.  They also wished me a good morning, then proceeded to open my door and ask, "Any bombs in here?"

I assured him there were not, and he announced that he would check the boot (trunk).  While I'm accustomed to being searched, that's the first time I've ever been asked point-blank whether I have a bomb on me.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Exams are afoot!

Exams begin tomorrow, which always being excitement to campus. 

Please pray for two of my students, who are unwell. Robert is in the hospital; I'm not quite sure why. It's an abdominal issue, and he is experiencing pain where he had surgery some time ago, that all I know. Obed is on medication (perhaps malaria) and is resting. 

Please also pray for me, as when lecturers fail to come invigilate, I get called to substitute. We also have one lecturer studying abroad, and I'm have a sneaking suspicion that I will be expected to mark his exams as well. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Translating cultural proverbs

Last night in the Eucharist, I realized that there was a formatting error in the prayer book, and that the students needed to be aware of it.  So before the recessional hymn, I stopped the service (much to the leader's horror), and explained the mistake, and then walked the congregation through what needs to happen.  

The leader then said, "Reverend, in my culture, we have a saying that the fly that follows you is the one that loves you.  So thank you for following us to correct us."  

I turned to the lecturer next to me and asked, "Did he just call me a fly?"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hurray for popping ears!

Hurray for popping ears! It's Lent so I can't say Hallelujah, so hurray will just have to suffice.

My left (the infected) ear popped in the shower Friday morning-it's so delightful to be able to hear in stereo again! 

They still clog when I blow my ears, but this is progress. Now, whenever I get my proposal information from my supervisor, I'll be set!